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From being featured in “The Huntington Quarterly” and now gracing the cover of “Kitchen & Bath Design News”… the accolades this award winning kitchen design have received continue to humble us. The interview with the designer, our own Rachel Hernstrom, can be read by clicking on the link below

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To help you better prepare to renovate your kitchen, reduce your anxiety and familiarize yourself with kitchen makeover processes, our showroom typically uses a five-step approach to a kitchen renovation.

Step 1 is the initial meeting in our showroom. Our designers want to get to know you, what you like, what you want and what you need. We want understand your lifestyle, the number of family members who use the kitchen and to what degree, how much you cook and entertain, your appliance preferences, shopping habits, storage needs, timelines, investment and budget. We also will review the processes involved from initial steps to final punch list. And we will allot time for you to ask us about our experience, how long we have been serving the community, the services we provide and what we do to make this process less stressful and more enjoyable.

The primary factors influencing a budget for a kitchen or bath renovation are:

  • Size of the space
  • Choices that you make
  • Scope of the project

Our experience in designing thousands of projects finds that the most common reason why projects go over budget is that our clients select finishes and products that are at the upper end of the price scale. Our experience is confirmed by a recent Houzz survey of 120,000 projects which found nearly 50% of budget busting was caused by selecting more upscale products and finishes.

Houzz also found that 40% of projects went over budget because homeowners had unrealistic expectations of what products and services cost. The following ideas can help you develop realistic expectations and budgets.

Open floor plans have become increasingly popular in kitchens, great rooms and combination rooms. Open floor plans foster family togetherness and make a home appear to be larger and more spacious. The bathroom is no exception to the popularity of open floor plans thanks to advances in shower and drain technology and performance and open floor plan baths provide similar benefits of making a smaller space appear larger.

Because today’s drains are capable of removing tens of gallons of water without ponding, working with one of our designers enables you to have a blank canvas to use space more creatively, efficiently and safely thanks to advancements in shower drains.

Sell Your Home Quickly and For Top Dollar

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The key to raising your home’s value lies in making smart renovations. According to Scott McGillivray, host of HGTV’s Income Property, the most important room in any house is the kitchen, and it must be in good condition before you sell.

McGillivery knows a thing or two about selling homes. He has hosted Income Property for the past nine years, and he has been renovating and selling homes for the past 16 years. In a recent interview with Country Living, McGillivray explains why the kitchen is the first room you should renovate before selling your home.

Jewelry for Your Cabinets and Drawers

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Hardware is the “jewelry” of cabinets and doors found in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other locales within the home. Whether you are building a new home, renovating an existing one or looking to change the look of what you currently own, selecting the right cabinet hardware enables you to make a unique design statement.

Cabinet hardware too often is considered an afterthought that, without appropriate consideration, can compromise both the look of your home and the functionality of your kitchen and bath. Many would consider wearing sneakers with a tuxedo as inappropriate, so too is selecting plastic pulls for new kitchen or bath cabinetry. The quality of the cabinet hardware selected should complement and enhance the quality of the cabinetry, appliances and furnishings in your home.

Contemporary Bathroom

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Today we are featuring a truly stunning bathroom Designed by Levi Merritt. Levi was able to turn a 1990’s bathroom into a “spa-like” experience by taking out the Jacuzzi tub, and replacing with a more modern soaking tub. The tub deck runs continuous to serve as the shower bench. He used clear frame-less glass to enclose the shower. Even the best design is only beautiful on paper unless you have the craftsman to bring it to reality. Our skilled craftsman helped bring out the true beauty with detailed trim, and beautiful tile work. Come by the showroom, or call in and let us make your remodeling or new construction dreams a reality. We would also like to thank Mike with for the beautiful photos.

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In the past 100 years, the kitchen has morphed from merely serving as a functional space to the epicenter of the home. This transformation is brilliantly described and illustrated in a great new book recently published by Gestalten and Michelle Gailndo titled, Kitchen Kulture. The book gives you permission to dream, and we can help turn your dreams into realities.

The Galindos explain whether Nordic, or futuristic, the kitchen is the new living room – a place to cook, eat and celebrate. As the new living room, the kitchen serves as the space for social gathering, collaborative cooking, event hosting and communal dining. Undergoing immense transformation through time and continually adapting to current social and aesthetic trends, the room that used to be a service area relegated to the back of the house is now the multi-functional hub of the home.